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2 In2 The Groove

From The Virtual P-Funk Duo, BOOM BOOM


Paul Fishman and Dave Harris are proud to announce the 13-TRACK ALBUM “2 In2 The Groove” for a P FUNK band that never existed...

Boom Boom - 2 In2 The Groove - Master al

Paul Fishman and Dave Harris (Boom Boom) are proud to announce the 13-track album “2 In2 The Groove” for a P Funk band that never existed.


For ten years, Harris & Fishman worked closely together writing and producing songs for other artists, publishers, film scores, and record labels. One of the first songs they wrote was for an artist signed to Prince’s label. They would later remix other tracks for Paisley Park and Motown Records.


During this time, they also wrote and recorded a batch of songs with big choruses that you can dance to. These songs belonged to the virtual P Funk band, Boom Boom.


Boom Boom was inspired by the musicians that paved the way for funk music today. At the center of it all was Prince. Both were fans - how could you not be? 


The tracks caught the attention of the music industry and Fishman & Harris were signed to Sarm (Trevor Horn) and Warner Brothers but the album was never released. A few years ago, some mixes began to appear on the internet so it was decided to remaster the album and officially make it available.


“2 In2 The Groove” sees Fishman and Harris expanding on the genres they love and reminding us of their strength as songwriters of the highest calibre. 


This is an album for Motown enthusiasts, funk lovers, and fans of Prince. 


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