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By Marvin Gaye


Paul Fishman production mix of the Motown gem,

“Lucky Lucky Me” by Marvin Gaye. 

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Marvin Gaye, initially was employed as a musician who often played congas or percussion on Motown recording sessions,  until it was discovered that he could sing and had a voice like honey.

When Marvin Gaye recorded “Lucky Lucky Me”, it sat on Motown’s shelf for three decades.

In the late 90s, the master tapes of the song were found in the record company's archives among a catalogue of some other unreleased recordings. It was common practice for different artists signed to the label to audition the same song and “Lucky Lucky Me” was one that he had recorded an alternative vocal.

Now, regarded to be the “Prince of Motown”, thanks to his vast contribution in shaping the labels sound and enormous international success.

Both Motown and especially Marvin Gaye had made a big impression on Paul’s early musical knowledge. "I heard it through the grapevine" was among the first records he owned. So, when asked if he would be interested in producing and mixing an unreleased track, his response was “FM YES!”.

As the original mix of “Lucky Lucky Me” was never completed there was room to develop the arrangement and production. Paul worked on the track with musician-producer, Jon Astrop (Gang of Four). Having first met when in primary school, they never dreamed they would produce a Marvin Gaye track together.


You can listen to the previously-unreleased mix below.


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