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The new single by Paul Fishman.


"Lockdown" is the brand new single from Paul’s new album Art Official Intelligence.

Paul Fishman - Lockdown.jpg

This track is inspired by an exceptional period of global confinement. It was created during a time where there has been widespread confusion, panic, and absence of social contact. Confined to our homes, with little connection to the outside world apart from daily news reports of the virus’s impact and spread across the planet. We went underground.


Lockdown began and so did a new era of isolation, wherein an attempt to stay sane we Zoomed, settled for socially distanced walks, and maybe reflected for a moment about how this happened. 

To be a musician or artist requires devoting an immense amount of time to learning and working alone. Without social contact and other ingredients that I regard to be essential to my life, music has been my salvation and companion during this time.

"Woke up this morning and the world was gone."

In early May, I began writing and recording for what has now become the “Art Official Intelligence” album. I regard it to be my best work, full of infectious songs about politics, identity, and my relationship with life. They also reference many of my musical influences.


“Lockdown” is the second single from the upcoming album, Art Official Intelligence. It pays tribute to James Brown, who came to my rescue. 

“Cos I got James Brown going around my head”

The music video represents a record of events from 2020 through to 2021 and brings together people from all over the world who have provided an interpretation of their Lockdown experience.


March 6.


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