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By Jesse Johnson

Paul Fishman & Dave Harris Remix


Paul Fishman and Dave Harris release the PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED remix of the FUNK HIT“Love Struck” by Jesse Johnson.

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Guitarist and singer Jesse Jonson was a member of  Prince's group, The Time. When Jesse decided to go solo, Prince signed him to Paisley Park. Around this time, Jesse released the wicked funk hit, "Love Struck". Paul and Dave (Boom Boom) heard the original mix and loved it.

Naturally, Paul and Dave were both huge fans of Prince and his music. There was talk of the producers working with artists signed to his label, Paisley Park. Back then, Dave was working with the US singer, Brenda Bennet, who was a member of Prince's group, Vanity 6. The group featured in "Purple Rain" and Brenda was one of Prince's close friends. Her husband, Roy, was his stage designer for most of the big tours.

Eventually, Dave was summoned to meet with Prince, who wanted to know more about the man Brenda was working with. His approval involved a meeting on the dance floor. Prince needed to check if he had the funk.

Fortunately, Prince approved and Boom Boom ended up working with many artists signed to Prince's Paisley Park.

"Love Struck" was one of the first digital mixes by Boom Boom.

During the late 80s, the advent of digital editing was happening. As a result of this new development in audio technology, Paul asked to help legendary producer Gus Dudgeon (Elton John, Bowie etc) with a project he was working on. This proved to be a serious learning curve but when the recording was complete, Paul bought one of the first versions of the editing software, Protools, and took on the challenge of learning to use it. 


Traditional analogue tape editing differs greatly from digital editing but for so many reasons, it was a complete gamechanger. Now, it is the method used for almost all audio recording and the foundation of music technology taught in schools around the world. It also opened up many possibilities for new mixes. "Love Struck" was one of the first tracks Boom Boom experimented with using the process.

Today, for the first time ever, Boom Boom are releasing the mix online.

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