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What Was The Inspiration Behind "Tube"?

"Tube (Hijack on the Northern Line)" is a track taken from It's About Time, Part II. In this post, Paul explains how his journey into work and an old friend inspired the unusual music video and experimental sounds of "Tube".

About The Music

After discovering some music apps on my phone, I started to use them while travelling on the tube. My regular journey from home to London Bridge for Resonance FM became a delight as I found the environment was conducive to creating rhythmical electronic music.

If you are a regular user of the London tube, you may be familiar with groups of musicians, generally of Eastern European descent who parade through carriages joyously performing songs from their native homelands. It is a form of mobile busking that dependent on where you are sitting, can be heard as they move towards and eventually descend on your carriage or as they disappear along the train. If at the time you are wearing headphones and creating an unusual form of techno music, the combination can create a strange blend.

About The Video

When I left school, I studied near Kings X at Kingsway College which was an unusual and formative experience.

A lot of students had part time jobs including a friend that I met called John. He was a few years older than me, a nice guy and when not attending classes worked as a train driver on the tube. I was interested to know what it was like and what skills were required. He explained that the driver really didn’t have to do much apart from resting his hand on a big button to make the train go. He was so casual about it that he wrote a lot of his essays while driving a train. I also recall that he was quite keen on recreational drugs and told me that he had taken LSD while at work. I haven’t seen John since I left college but I often think about him when I take the tube.

You can buy the full album on CD here.

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